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    Product Features of GM(GM2~GM8)

    Product Features of GM(GM2~GM8) Product Features of GM(GM2~GM8)

    Product ID: Product Features of GM(GM2~GM8)(A-one)

    A-one gear units are characteristic of high torque, low backlash, low noise, smooth operation, etc, which is specially designed for the need of high performance of mechanical equipments. 

    For example, when applying with all types of motors, such as servo motors or inverter motors to reduce revolutions per minute, it results in large output torque to equipment application. In addition, All gears of the A-one gear unit are effectively modified through professional technology to achieve highly efficient and precise operation, which make it perfectly work with servo systems to efficaciously control accuracy, reduce load inertia and increase output torque. 

    Generally, A-one gear units are ideal for extensively applying to automatic equipments, mechanical devices, packing facilities, etc for industries.

    The A-one gear unit applies modular design and provides various ratios for choice. It is available for foot or flange mounting and can be installed in any directions and positions requested. Combining with a connecting flange, it can match with any brands of inverter motors or servo motors for diverse mechanical applications

    A-one Gear unit specification
    Max. output torque: 250~16500Nm
    Ratio: 4~224
    Output hollow shaft: 25~110mm ( with key way or spline )


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