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    Product Features of LK-Series & NK-Series

    Product Features of LK-Series & NK-Series

    Gear motor for end carriage

    Product Features of LK-Series & NK-Series

    Product ID: LK&NK Series(CHEC&A-one)

    Professional technology and precise gears
    The steel surface of precise gears after heat treatment are ground by using ISO 6(DIN 6) or AGMA 12.
    The tooth profile is effectively modified through professional technology to achieve highly efficient operation.

    Shaft is designed with the ability to accommodate bend intensity and torsion loads within the specifications. It is made with steel surface after heat treatment in order to make it operate smoothly and lastingly.
    The deflection of the shaft is precisely calculated and properly modified to enable the gear wheel to engage with the gear shaft while loading. Both the input and output shaft sealing areas are specifically ground and hardened to make an effective and leakage-free sealing surface between the seal’s lip and the shafts.

    Rigid Housing

    We carefully select the suitable housing materials to fit application requirement. For example, a fitting gear is made by accurate machining. It allows horizontal mounting to suit

    Bearing and Sealing

    Long bearing lifetime.
    Lasting sealing material is chosen to use.

    Electrical motors and brake

    Electrical motors can be supplied together with the gear box, and we also offer various voltages to suit every region.
    Emergency stop brakes for operation are ideal. The safe brakes are used whenever a constant brake torque is in utmost operation.

    Mounting flanges

    The gear box can be equipped with mounting flange for easily mounting onto the drive.

    Soft starting
    The buffer helps the gear motor to start gently. It greatly reduces the wear of gears and increases the product life.


    • CE Approved
    • China CCC certificate(3C)
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    • Minimum Order: Negotiable
    • FOB: Taichung port, Keelung port
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